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Bringing Horses Home: What You Need to Know

Bringing horses home to your own farm for the first time can certainly be an eye-opening experience.  shares her insights and key learnings from bringing her horses, Maggie Sue and Fritzie, to her property.

Unexpected Lessons and Challenges of Bringing Horses Home

Discover the unexpected aspects of caring for horses on your property, as Shelley highlights important lessons she learned along the way. These insights can help new horse owners navigate the challenges of having horses at home.

The Reality of Horse Care

Explore the realities of horse care that Shelley encountered, including the surprising amount of manure horses generate and the need for a strong support system to manage their needs effectively.

6 Things I’ve Learned in 6 Months After Bringing Horses Home

Learn from Shelley’s experiences as she shares six key lessons she learned during her first six months of caring for horses. These insights provide valuable guidance for anyone considering bringing horses onto their property.

Emotional Journey

Be prepared for an emotional journey as Shelley’s story may bring happy tears to your eyes. Her personal experiences highlight the joy and fulfillment that come with bringing horses home and caring for them on your own property.

If you’ve gone through a similar journey, join the conversation and share your own insights in the comments. Help new horse owners by offering additional advice and perspectives.

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