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Explore our range of Poultry Tools, including an informative Blog, providing you with the resources to make informed feeding decisions and ensure the well-being of your flock.

Poultry Blog

  • Chicken eating from feeder

    The Poultry Digestive System

    Instead of asking “Why did the chicken cross the road?” poultry hobbyists may better ask, “How does the chicken chew its feed without any teeth?”

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  • Man holding chicken

    Types of Poultry

    Discover a comprehensive guide to different types of poultry including wealth of information about various breeds, their characteristics, and the best practices for raising and caring for them.

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  • Woman holding eggs in coop

    Winter Lighting in the Chicken Coop

    Winter’s extreme cold can certainly reduce egg production. But darkness is the main reason production begins to slow in late fall.

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Explore Poultry Product Lines

Chicken eating feed from hands

NatureWise Nourishing Feeds

NatureWise® Nourishing Feeds are specially cooked for better nutrient absorption, less feed waste, and more freshness. Grounded in the latest industry research, each feed is sourced with trusted ingredients plus the right vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and amino acids for a difference you can see.

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Woman feeding chickens in barn

NatureWise Natural Feeds

Nutrena NatureWise® poultry feeds are grounded in the latest industry research and created using integrated new technology to provide the most nutritionally advanced diet for poultry.

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Get the Guide

Keep your Flock Happy and Healthy.

Pick up a copy of the Poultry Care Guide and access the info you need to help you take care of your flock. This guide from Nutrena feeds will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish to get the best results.

“This feed was a game changer! It smells so good and my birds all love it!”

Kayla, Georgia

“The pellet size is perfect for my flock. It truly is the best on the market and I love the ingredients.”*

Lane, Mississippi

“I have been using this feed for over a year on my flock of chickens. I’m getting great egg production.”*

Jamie, Minnesota

Poultry Feed FAQs

Whether you have questions about poultry nutrition, flock management, health concerns, or housing requirements, we have the answers you need. Explore our FAQs to find expert advice, tips, and solutions to help you successfully raise healthy and thriving poultry.

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  • Does Nutrena offer any poultry feeds that contain medications?

    Both the NatureWise and Country Feeds product lines offer a medicated Chick Starter Grower. Availability is regional, please check with your local Nutrena retailer for product availability.

  • Do your poultry feeds contain any added hormones?

    No, Nutrena poultry feeds do not contain any added hormones.

  • Do you offer any organic poultry feeds?

    We offer Nature Smart Organics Poultry Feed. Availability is regional, please check with your local Nutrena retailer for product availability.

  • Do you offer any soy-free poultry feeds?

    We are pleased to offer NatureWise Hearty Hen, a soy free layer feed.

  • Do your poultry feeds contain any animal by-products?

    NatureWise brand poultry feeds do not contain any animal by-products.

    Country Feeds brand products may contain animal by-products, as they are a good source of amino acids (protein), energy, calcium and phosphorus.

  • Do your feeds contain any ingredients from other countries?

    Cargill, the maker of Nutrena brand products, manufactures its U.S. products entirely within the United States but those products do, in some instances, contain ingredients imported from outside the United States. In those instances, we work closely with our suppliers on controls for promoting high levels of quality and safety in the sourcing of ingredients.

    At Cargill, food safety is a top priority. As there continue to be news reports related to contaminated ingredients we want to assure you that we are evaluating and assessing each new concern. Our approach to these concerns has been to recognize that issues related to intentional and unintentional product contamination are not exclusively unique to any single country or any single product type. We emphasize the use of a rigorous qualification process for all of our suppliers in all countries where we source raw materials to ensure the proper controls and quality and food safety procedures are in place for any of the materials that come in contact with our product. We assure you that Cargill meets all regulatory requirements for its production of animal feed in the United States. Accordingly, we do not expect any of the raw materials that we use in our animal feed products to be of concern.

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