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NatureWise Nourishing Feeds

The nourishing way to feed.

New from Nutrena! NatureWise® Nourishing Feeds are specially cooked for better nutrient absorption, less feed waste, and more freshness. Grounded in the latest industry research, each feed is sourced with trusted ingredients plus the right vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and amino acids for a difference you can see.

Every bit is better for your flock.

Whether it’s nutrition, digestion, or less feed waste each NatureWise feed delivers benefits for your bird down to the last bit.

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Get $10 off your first bag!

Count more eggs for less, and give your flock the good life. See the difference for yourself with our NatureWise trial program and get $10 off your first bag.

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  • mini-bits for chicks

  • hardy-bits for layers

  • floating-bits for waterfowl

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“The shells are even thicker and better on this food vs. the other feed. We will continue the NatureWise!”

Debora, South Carolina

“I picked this out because it was the best for ingredients. I will feed them NatureWise when they are laying age.”

Hannah, Florida

“My girls absolutely love it and they seem to be laying better as well! Nice job Nutrena!”

Kiarra, Pennsylvania

“We are always pleased with Nutrena feed as our chicks love their starter feed. Great feed that’s well worth it.”

Shirley, Virginia
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