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Loyall Life Super Premium Pet Food

With wholesome nutrition plus high quality protein as the first ingredient, Loyall Life Super Premium Pet Food accommodates diets for dogs and cats of various ages and breed sizes.

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Nutrena True Pet Food

From family dogs to active dogs, Nutrena True Pet Food has you covered with a range of value packed products tailored to activity level.

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“The dogs love this food! Plus, this product is complete nutrition for my dogs.”

Jana, Georgia*

“The cat’s meow! My cats love this food. I love the ingredients and price point…It’s great and keeps them energized and full all day!”

Hallie, Virginia

“Loyall Life is the only food I feed my dogs. Their fur is like silk and they’re in such good health.”

mimiaussies, Indiana

“Dogs love this food and it seems very well made with quality ingredients”

Jessica, North Carolina*

“This is the best quality food around. And my cats love it! So many extra vegetables and fruits that make it especially nutritious.”

Lisa, Florida

Dog & Cats FAQ

Your go-to resource for answers to common questions about our pet food and products. In this comprehensive FAQ section, we address various topics related to pet nutrition, feeding guidelines, ingredient sourcing, and more.

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  • How do I switch my pet from his current diet to your product?

    We recommend a slow transition from your current product to our diets. While diets may appear similar from the label, they may contain very different sources of nutrients that your pet will need to adapt slowly to.

    It is recommended to transition diets over a 1 week period starting with ¾ of the daily amount of your previous diet and ¼ of the daily recommended amount of your selected new product. Change these amounts every 2 days by ¼ of the daily allotment until you fully convert to your new product completely on day 7.

    As with all foods, the recommended amounts listed on your new packaging should be adjusted based on your individual pet to maintain a desirable body condition.

  • How long should my puppy stay on puppy food?

    Puppy formulas are recommended for dogs up to 12 months of age because it contains nutrients like EPA and DHA and enhanced levels of vitamins and trace minerals, which are important for development. After 12 months, it is best to transition a dog to an adult formula.

  • I see different things about “grains” for pets. Are grains bad?

    Grains are not “bad” for your pet. Some individual animals can have food allergies or sensitivity which may affect how they respond to specific grains. In the Loyall Life lineup of products, you will find selections of different grain sources that will help you select what is right for your companion.

    Grains deliver starch and specific fatty acids and fiber to the diet that is important in the overall nutrition package of the diet. It is important that products are “cooked” correctly to get the most out of them. You wouldn’t eat corn or rice without cooking it, but you have probably been served corn or rice that has been on the stove too long. You know that cooking can be too much…or too little.

    Our “Opti-Cook” process was developed to ensure that grains and other ingredients are cooked correctly to help provide a diet for your friend.

  • What are prebiotics, and what are they for?

    Prebiotics are the ingredients that enhance the growth of good microbes or the good bugs in the digestive system. An example of a good bug is Lactobacillus. Since prebiotics encourage the growth of the good bugs, there generally isn’t room for the bad bugs to grow.

  • Are Nutrena pet foods available online?

    While there may be retailers that carry Loyall Life and Nutrena  True pet foods and sell them online, we do not have a central website that offers the products for sale.

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