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Horses running in pasture

Horse Feed

Explore our suite of equine resources including a Horse Feed Selector, Horse Feed Comparison Tool, and Free Nutrition Consultations to help you choose the best feeding program for your herd.

Exclusive Technology

  • Digestive Shield icon

    Digestive Shield™

    Supports your horse’s gut and immune health with our precise blend of controlled starch, pre + pro + postbiotics, and calcite

  • Rebound Technology icon

    Rebound Technology™

    Rebound Technology uses a blend of chromium and amino acids to help support muscle recovery after competition or a workout.

  • Nutri-Bloom Technology icon

    Nutri-Bloom Advantage®

    Increases fiber digestion to support more muscle tone, better body condition, and improved overall health

  • Topline Balance icon

    Topline Balance® Technology

    Includes a specific amino acid profile to help support healthy topline for proper muscling and core strength

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Target Solutions

  • Pregnant horse eating


    From early gestation to lactation and postpartum — get feed recommendations for broodmares and learn why we provide the best support for your breeding program.

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  • Horse in stall


    From causes of colic to management best practices — get feed recommendations to reduce the risk of colic and learn why we provide the best support for overall digestive health.

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  • Broodmare and foal in pasture


    From foals to weanlings and yearlings — get feed recommendations for your growing horses and learn why we provide the best support for your breeding program.

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  • Horse hooves in barn

    Skin, Hair Coat & Hoof

    From trace minerals to amino acids — get feed recommendations for your horse’s skin, haircoat, and hoof health and learn how our tag guarantees compare to other brands.

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  • Horse drinking water


    From EMS to HYPP to PSSM to Cushings to Laminitis — get feed recommendations for horses with metabolic conditions and learn why we provide the best support for specialized diets.

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  • Horse receiving topline evaluation


    From building to maintaining topline muscle — get feed recommendations to score an “A” on the Topline Evaluation System and learn why we provide the best amino acid support for your horses.

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  • Back of horse's neck

    Overweight/Easy Keeper

    From feed with low NSC to diet balancers — get feed recommendations for your easy keepers and learn why we provide the best nutrition in low feeding rates.

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  • Man with horse and dog in arena

    Performance (Energy, Stamina, Strength)

    From amino acids to fats and sugars — get feed recommendations for your performance horses and learn why we provide the support for energy, stamina, and strength.

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  • Horse grazing in pasture


    From aging athletes to rescues and hard keepers — get feed recommendations for your senior horses and learn why we provide the best support for older horse diets.

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  • Feed scoop in bucket with feed

    Underweight/Hard Keeper

    From high-fat feed to increased fiber digestion — get feed recommendations for your hard keepers and learn why we provide the best nutrition to safely add weight to your horses.

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  • Horse eating from hand


    From calcite to pre + pro + postbiotics — get feed recommendations for the entire digestive tract and learn why we provide the best support for your horse’s gut and immune health.

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  • horses at gate

    Large Barn

    From big boarding facilities to training barns to breeding farms — get feed recommendations for your entire herd and learn why we provide the best support for your whole barn.

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Get a FREE Consultation

Fill out our Contact Us form for an equine nutrition expert to provide 1-on-1 recommendations for your feeding program.

Explore Horse Product Lines


Supplement your horse’s nutrition for better health and performance.

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High fat horse feeds that help fuel active horses and hard keepers. With Rebound Technology™, Topline Balance®, Nutri-Bloom Advantage® and enhanced with antioxidants to help your horse go the distance every time.

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With tastes to please even the pickiest palates, SafeChoice formulas are designed for every horse in the barn and supports gut health, immune system, coats, topline and muscles – Now also with Digestive Shield™.

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The right choice for value you can count on.

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man on horse looking at another horse

Feed Selector

Take a brief quiz to determine the best feed for your horse

Find the perfect feed for your horse with our interactive Horse Feed Selector Quiz designed to help you customize a feeding plan for your horse’s specific needs, performance, lifestage, activity level and budget.

Hands holding animal feed

Compare Horse Feed

Simplify your decision-making process with our convenient Horse Feed Comparison Guide

Our Horse Feed Comparison Guide allows you to easily compare different Nutrena feed options based on nutritional elements such as % protein, % fat, % fiber, and % NSC.


  • Andrea Fappani riding horse

    Andrea Fappani, Reining

    “I have fed SafeChoice for 20 years. I like it because I can feed my show horses as well as all of my pregnant mares, weanlings and yearlings. When it comes to a feed that is balanced for every level of horses training program its Nutrena.”

  • Tamie Smith riding horse

    Tamara Smith, Eventing

    “I’ve been feeding Nutrena over 10 years and wouldn’t feed anything else. It has all the nutrients, calm energy, topline support, and gastro support. It’s truly a complete feed all in one.”

  • Woman barrel racing

    Stevi Hillman, Barrel Racing

    “I choose to feed Nutrena feed because they have so many types of products for all of our different horses. Whether we are feeding our babies, or older performance horses, we are confident that each horse is getting the proper nutrition. Nutrena also has national distribution, and we can find it anywhere we are traveling.”

  • Man jumping on horse

    Wilhelm Genn, Show Jumping

    “I have fed Nutrena for about 15-20 years and I have always been very happy with the results and the development of the newest products.”