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ProForce Horse Feeds


Nutrena ProForce® feeds are for those who want to go the distance, every time. With tailored, premium nutrition that can help keep your horses healthy and active. And now with Rebound Technology™ to help your horse get back to work with faster recovery.

  • Rebound Technology

    Rebound Technology uses a blend of chromium and amino acids to help support muscle recovery after competition or a workout.

  • Topline Balance

    Nutrena’s Topline Balance includes a specific amino acid profile to help support a healthy topline for proper muscling and core strength..

  • Nutri-Bloom Advantage

    Nutri-Bloom Advantage increases fiber digestion to support more muscle tone, better body condition, and improved overall health.

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  • ProForce


    13.0% Crude Protein
    10.0% Max Crude Fiber
    13.0% Crude Fat
    High fat, controlled starch feed for equine athletes and hard-keepers
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  • ProForce

    Fuel XF

    13.0% Crude Protein
    16.0% Max Crude Fiber
    13.0% Crude Fat
    High fat, controlled starch, beet pulp and oat based feed for equine athletes and hard keepers
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  • ProForce


    14.0% Crude Protein
    17.0% Max Crude Fiber
    11.0% Crude Fat
    High fat, beet pulp based complete feed for the needs of active senior horses
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“This makes my heart happy. Harley is a 24 yo quarter horse who had two molars pulled and has not been able to eat hay. He started Nutrena ProForce Senior and not only started gaining weight back but also filling out his topline. This is his progress after 60 days.”

“I have been feeding ProForce Fuel since its inception and can only rave about my results… The horses love the taste and all have shiny coats, beautiful topline and overall brilliance. I recommend to everyone I see struggling with their horse’s nutrition.”

“It has been harder to keep muscle and weight on my 24 yo, so I changed his feed to ProForce Fuel with more fat and amino acids. In just 30 days, I’m already seeing an improvement in his body condition – plus, his coat is looking so shiny and healthy!”

ProForce Athletes

  • Taylor Santos on horse

    Taylor Santos, Tie Down Roping and Steer Wrestling

    “My horses all thrive on ProForce Senior. They look and feel their best on it, even when we’re on the road. Our horses are just like us and perform their best when they feel their best and love their job.”

  • Corey Cushing standing with horse

    Corey Cushing, Reined Cow Horse

    “When it comes time to making the finals or finishing the finals, I know that the Nutrena Feed will help my horse get there. I have been blessed to be in the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Finals for the past 15 years and the one product that my horses have been on that whole time is Nutrena Feed. The performance horse today still is their own individual and certain times of the year they might need a little more or a less so I lean on Nutrena Feed to help them perform their best.”

  • Tomas Garcilazo on horse

    Tomas Garcilazo, Specialty Act

    “I love ProForce Fuel for my performance horses as it keeps them in shape while traveling thousands of miles all over the country.”

  • Man jumping on horse

    Wilhelm Genn, Jumper

    “I have fed Nutrena for about 15-20 years and I have always been very happy with the results and the development of the newest products.”

FAQs about Nutrena ProForce

What sets the ProForce products apart from other Nutrena feed like SafeChoice and Empower? It’s important to read these frequently asked questions to understand if ProForce® Fuel, ProForce® Fuel XF, or ProForce® Senior are right for your horse or feeding program.

  • What is ProForce known for?

    ProForce contains premium nutrition and is specifically tailored to support horses with the most demanding routines. That’s why it is well known for being a high-fat, controlled starch horse feed for equine athletes and hard keepers. With tailored, premium nutrition that can help keep your horses healthy and active.

    Similar to the SafeChoice line, ProForce also has our Topline Balance® Technology, which focuses on amino acid content and balance to build muscle. Ensuring amino acid balance in feed is critical for delivering great appearance, strong recovery from performance, and sound growth and development. With the technology incorporated in our Nutrena products, you can build topline muscling on your horse through the feed you put in the bucket.

    In addition, ProForce has Nutri-Bloom Advantage® to increase fiber digestion to support more muscle tone, better body condition, and improved overall health. Featured exclusively in ProForce and SafeChoice, Nutri-Bloom Advantage increases bloom with more muscle tone, better body condition and topline, and improved overall health. The Nutri-Bloom Advantage works by making it easier for horses to digest and absorb nutrients. This results in more energy from existing hay and pasture intake, and up to 15% better fiber digestibility.

    And lastly, ProForce is the only product line with Rebound TechnologyTM which uses a blend of chromium and amino acids to help support muscle recovery after competition or a workout. After exercise, your horse’s body needs to fuel to recover and repair its muscles. Specifically, your horse needs to restore the glucose levels in tired cells and repair muscles with amino acids. Our Rebound Technology supports specific recovery needs of your horse with a proprietary blend of research-backed, FDA-approved chromium & branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). Unlike some other performance horse feeds on the market, this allows your horse to enjoy better performance, even with multiple days of strenuous activity.

  • Do other brands have Rebound Technology?

    No; Rebound Technology is only from Nutrena and only available in our ProForce horse feed. Unlike some other performance horse feeds on the market, it has chromium to support optimal glucose uptake into cells, which helps with exercise recovery after strenuous exercise. Special amino acids help decrease muscle fatigue and improve muscle recovery by giving muscles exactly what they need.

  • What is the benefit of a high-fat feed?

    ProForce ranges from 11% Crude Fat in ProForce Senior to 13% Crude Fat in ProForce Fuel and ProForce Fuel XF. Between the high-fat levels and highly digestible fiber, ProForce provides energy and calories to horses in strenuous exercise, in need of weight gain, or high-performance requirements.

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