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Horse and rider

Nutrena Athletes

From Grand Prix jumpers to consecutive Wrangler NFR qualifiers. From elite dressage horses to Snaffle Bit Futurity cow horses. From eventers to your favorite AQHA ranch or western show horses. The industry’s top athletes, breeding programs, and training programs trust Nutrena products because they are research-backed with satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Abby Mixon, Reined Cow Horse/Reining

    “I have been feeding Triumph Professional for 6 years now and have been really happy with the results. My horses look and feel great!”

  • Andrea Fappani riding horse

    Andrea Fappani, Reining

    “I have fed SafeChoice for 20 years. I like it because I can feed my show horses as well as all of my pregnant mares, weanlings and yearlings. When it comes to a feed that is balanced for every level of horses training program its Nutrena.”

  • Anne Kursinski jumping with horse

    Anne Kursinski, Show Jumping & Hunters

    “We at my stable Market Street have been feeding Nutrena Feed since the early 90s! I have gone to several Olympic games with different horses feeding this excellent product. My horses always look amazing with good muscle tone and shiny coats and it starts from the inside by feeding the best feed, Nutrena.”

  • Cade Rice, Team Roping

    “Nutrena feed keeps my horses looking full and hair coats slick. I don’t feel the horses get hot on this feed like others feeds I’ve fed in the past.”

  • Corey Cushing standing with horse

    Corey Cushing, Reined Cow Horse

    “When it comes time to making the finals or finishing the finals, I know that the Nutrena Feed will help my horse get there. I have been blessed to be in the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Finals for the past 15 years and the one product that my horses have been on that whole time is Nutrena Feed. The performance horse today still is their own individual and certain times of the year they might need a little more or a less so I lean on Nutrena Feed to help them perform their best.”

  • Dakota Eldridge with horse and calf

    Dakota Eldridge, Steer Wrestling

    “Nutrena is the only feed that I have had horses eat day in day out and never go off their feed.. Feeding Nutrena you can notice a difference in their top line and overall physique within a couple weeks.”

  • Dan Tremblay riding horse

    Dany Tremblay, Reining

    “SafeChoice is my favorite because it is safe. Horses look good and clients are happy.”

  • David Berry riding horse

    David Berry, Cutting

    “Nutrena provides our horses the nutrients to provide the correct amount of energy needed to stay fit and keep a good body score that speaks volumes in the show pen.”

  • Dustin Egusquiza on horse

    Dustin Egusquiza, Team Roping

    “Nutrena has any type of feed for any horse my horses always eat all their grain and don’t get to worked up.”

  • Emily Miles riding horse

    Emily Miles, Dressage

    “Nutrena keeps our horses healthy and shiny with strength to do their jobs! We appreciate the consistent high quality and trust Nutrena!”

  • Eugene Spagnola, Western All Around

    “Nutrena keeps our horses looking their best, the quality of the ingredients is top notch and makes it easy to maintain a healthy weight, shiny hair coat and strong muscle definition on all our horses no matter their age or workload.”

  • JJ Hampton riding horse

    JJ Hampton, Breakaway Roping

    “I love the quality of Nutrena Feeds. They sell great products to help keep my horse feeling great so they can perform at a high level. Nutrena provides my horses with the nutrition they need to keep them going while on the rodeo circuit.”

  • Man driving horse cart

    Jacob Arnold, FEI Combined Driving

    “I feed Nutrena because I know it is a brand i can trust. My horses find it very palatable, even our most difficult keepers lick their buckets clean, which I did not see before with other companies.”

  • Man on reining horse

    Jason Vanlandingham, Reining

    “Nutrena helps our horses look and feel their best.”

  • Jennie Brannigan

    Jennie Brannigan, Eventing

    “I only represent the companies that I truly respect and believe in! I am honored to represent Nutrena because my horses love the feed and I love how they look and perform.”

  • Jimmie Smith barrel racing

    Jimmie Smith, Barrel Racing and Breakaway Roping

    “I have enjoyed using all Nutrena products, they keep my horses happy and healthy on the road. All of the products are amazing!”

  • John Douch roping calf

    John Douch, Tie Down Roping

    “Nutrena feeds help my horses feel their best year-round. The summer rodeo run can be hard on a horse, especially for a hard keeper type horse. Nutrena Feeds keeps my horses full, healthy, and having plenty of energy.”

  • Jon Ramsay, Saddlebreds

    “We enjoy the Nutrena brand and the multiple lines of feed available for our horses. SafeChoice provides a low sugar and starch feed that keeps our horses healthy. If the horses need additional support, there are grain toppers like Empower that provide the extra nutrition they need.”

  • Man roping off of horse

    Shane Hanchey, Tie Down Roping

    “From broodmares to young up and coming calf and barrel horses to our good rodeo horses, Nutrena is the only thing we feed. Horses stay with a great topline and ready to compete at any level.”

  • Sinead jumping with horse

    Sinead Halpin & Tik Maynard, Eventing

    “Health and high-performance start with a great foundation. Nutrena has taken great care to build a line-up of feeds that provide holistic health for every horse, at every age and activity level… Backed by research and created with care, we put our trust in Nutrena feeds to keep our horses healthy, focused, and performing their best.”

  • Woman barrel racing

    Stevi Hillman, Barrel Racing

    “I choose to feed Nutrena feed because they have so many types of products for all of our different horses. Whether we are feeding our babies, or older performance horses, we are confident that each horse is getting the proper nutrition. Nutrena also has national distribution, and we can find it anywhere we are traveling.”

  • Tamie Smith riding horse

    Tamara Smith, Eventing

    “I’ve been feeding Nutrena over 10 years and wouldn’t feed anything else. It has all the nutrients, calm energy, topline support, and gastro support. It’s truly a complete feed all in one.”

  • Taylor Santos on horse

    Taylor Santos, Tie Down Roping and Steer Wrestling

    “My horses all thrive on ProForce Senior. They look and feel their best on it, even when we’re on the road. Our horses are just like us and perform their best when they feel their best and love their job.”

  • Tomas Garcilazo on horse

    Tomas Garcilazo, Specialty Act

    “I love ProForce Fuel for my performance horses as it keeps them in shape while traveling thousands of miles all over the country.”

  • Tyler Waguespack with horse

    Tyler Waguespack, Steer Wrestling

    “We love Nutrena feed and how our horses look and feel on it. We ask a lot of our horses, and they are like family, so having a feed that provides all the nutrients they need it critical. We have fed Nutrena for over 15 years and trust that “what’s inside counts!”

  • Man jumping on horse

    Wilhelm Genn, Show Jumping

    “I have fed Nutrena for about 15-20 years and I have always been very happy with the results and the development of the newest products.”