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Empower Supplements

Nutrena® Empower® supplements and diet balancers provide maximum nutrition at a low feeding rate with high quality ingredients formulated to keep your horses feeling their best. Between Empower® Topline Balance, Empower® Digestive Balance, and Empower® Boost, horse owners can target muscle support, digestive support, or calorie support by adding an easy-to-feed topdress to their feeding program.

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  • Empower

    Topline Balance

    30.0% Crude Protein
    8.0% Max Crude Fiber
    5.0% Crude Fat
    Concentrated diet balancer to enhance topline and provide key nutrients lacking in forage
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  • Empower

    Digestive Balance

    13.0% Crude Protein
    17.0% Max Crude Fiber
    2.0% Crude Fat
    A pelleted top dress supplement designed to support overall gastrointestinal health and maintain normal gastric pH
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  • Empower


    12.0% Crude Protein
    8.0% Max Crude Fiber
    22.0% Crude Fat
    High fat, calorie dense supplement for working horses and hard keepers
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“I love this product. My 14 year old (who is very difficult to keep topline on) I have on the Empower Topline Balance. It hasn’t even been 6 months and he has filled out beautifully. Thank you Nutrena for such wonderful products.”

“Empower Boost is a superior product at a reasonable cost. Used by our farm for hard keepers and horses in work. Boost delivers the added fat and nutrients at a reasonable cost.”*

Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance Testimonial

“I was gifted a horse with Fecal Water Syndrome. She had this problem for 14 years. I was washing her bottom 2x a day. I tried several different products…I found Empower Digestive Balance…in three days my white horse was white head to toe!!! No more washing her bum.”*

Empower Athletes

  • Corey Cushing standing with horse

    Corey Cushing, Reined Cow Horse

    “When it comes time to making the finals or finishing the finals, I know that the Nutrena Feed will help my horse get there. I have been blessed to be in the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Finals for the past 15 years and the one product that my horses have been on that whole time is Nutrena Feed. The performance horse today still is their own individual and certain times of the year they might need a little more or a less so I lean on Nutrena Feed to help them perform their best.”

  • Jimmie Smith barrel racing

    Jimmie Smith, Barrel Racing and Breakaway Roping

    “I have enjoyed using all Nutrena products, they keep my horses happy and healthy on the road. All of the products are amazing!”

  • Sinead jumping with horse

    Sinead Halpin & Tik Maynard, Eventing

    “Health and high-performance start with a great foundation. Nutrena has taken great care to build a line-up of feeds that provide holistic health for every horse, at every age and activity level… Backed by research and created with care, we put our trust in Nutrena feeds to keep our horses healthy, focused, and performing their best.”

  • Man roping steer

    Joe Beaver, Tie Down Roping and Team Roping

    “I have seen remarkable change in horses that I have purchased that were not on Nutrena products after I got them and put them in the right path with Nutrena. They bloom, shine, and perform well.”

FAQs about Nutrena Empower

What sets the Empower products apart from other Nutrena feed like SafeChoice and ProForce? It’s important to read these frequently asked questions to understand if Empower® Topline Balance, Empower® Digestive Balance, or Empower® Boost are right for your horse or feeding program.

  • What is the difference between a Diet Balancer vs Supplement vs Top-Dress?

    Understanding the difference between a Diet Balancer vs Supplement vs Top-Dress is important to determine which Empower product can support your feeding program.

    Top-Dress: All of our Empower products can be used as a “Top-Dress” meaning you can use them in addition to your current feeding program. Top-Dress is just a generic term to describe adding a low quantity (either supplement or balancer) “on top of” your feed.

    Diet Balancer: Empower Topline Balance is a Diet Balancer that can be fed alone for fewer calories or as a top-dress to supplement your horse’s regular feed to create a complete and balanced diet. Unlike a Supplement, Diet Balancers are specially formulated to provide horses with all the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals they require in their diet and is served in a low feeding rate, often to compliment the deficiencies in forage.

    Supplement: Empower Digestive Balance and Empower Boost are concentrated supplements designed to be fed as a Top-Dress to support specific needs. Unlike a Diet Balancer, most Supplements are meant to be fed in addition to other fiber and nutrition sources.

  • What is the average feeding rate for Empower?

    Since Empower products use concentrated, high-quality ingredients, they are designed to be fed in lower feeding rates ranging from 0.5 lbs to 3.0 lbs depending on product and Activity Level. For example:

    • Empower Topline Balance 0.8 lbs for Maintenance up to 3.0 lbs for Heavy Work, Broodmares, or Stallions (per 1,000 lb horse)
    • Empower Digestive Balance 2 lbs (per 1,000 lb horse) divided by 2-4 feedings per day
    • Empower Boost 0.5 lbs for Maintenance up to 3.0 lbs for Heavy Work or Lactating Mares
  • When should I feed Empower Topline Balance?

    Empower® Topline Balance® Diet Balancer is designed to round out nutrition for your horses that get adequate energy from good quality forage or pasture. It offers a blend of the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals horses need to look and feel their best, including unique support for better topline health. The low-feeding rate is a great benefit, making it the perfect partner with pasture or hay, or as a top-dress to another feed.

    Many people use Empower Topline Balance by itself for horses with lower calorie requirements or as a top-dress to SafeChoice or ProForce for additional nutrients. Key benefits include:

    • Added chromium can provide support for horses with metabolic issues and those that are easy keepers such as minis and ponies
    • Controlled starch formula helps support proper starch digestion and utilization
    • Concentrated nutrient levels allow for low feeding rates to balance forages
    • Organic trace mineral complexes for increased bioavailability, immune system support, and nutrient utilization
    • Added prebiotics and probiotics, backed by research, aid in nutrient absorption and digestive health
    • Guarantees 4 key essential amino acids to build and maintain a strong topline
  • When should I feed Empower Digestive Balance?

    Empower® Digestive Balance is a pelleted top-dress supplement designed to support overall gastrointestinal health and maintain normal gastric pH. Ideal for horses with digestive challenges, gut pain or discomfort, and to support the digestive tract. Empower Digestive Balance can be fed up to 4 times per day including as a snack prior to stressful events (trailering, riding, etc.)

    Many people use Empower Digestive Balance as a top-dress paired with SafeChoice Special Care or SafeChoice All Life Stages. Key benefits include:

    • Supports the reduction of gut pain and discomfort due to stressful situations
    • Provides the most comprehensive support to the entire GI tract
    • Supports healthy tissue integrity for ideal nutrient absorption
  • When should I feed Empower Boost?

    Empower® Boost is a special blend of fat and select nutrients to give your horse a leg up to work harder, train longer, and perform better. Great for hard keepers to help maintain weight and for performance horses needing to sustain energy levels.

    People use Empower Boost as a top-dress to many of our concentrate feeds including SafeChoice, ProForce and Triumph. Key benefits include:

    • Highly digestible fat from vegetable sources provides extra calories to support performance, endurance, and weight gain
    • Flaxseed and high fat rice bran provide balanced ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which aid in reducing the effects of stress
    • Concentrated calories and high fat to support healthy weight, skin health, shiny coat and overall bloom
    • Added Vitamin E and selenium levels provide antioxidant benefits
    • Added prebiotics and probiotics, backed by research, aid in nutrient absorption and digestive health
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