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TruMune Power

TruMune® power is a research-proven pet food ingredient that provides immune protection and supports mobility and digestion.

Formulated to Promote Your Pet’s Best

TruMune® postbiotic is a research-proven ingredient that helps to optimize pet health, digestive support, and overall wellbeing. It is an advanced, natural immune support product developed specifically for use in dog and cat diets. TruMune postbiotic contains unique bioactive compounds that work naturally with a pet’s biology to support beneficial bacteria and balance the gut microbiome.

TruMune postbiotic is 100% natural, and the nutrients have been proven to help:

  • Optimize immunity
  • Support vitality
  • Maintain a healthy microbiome

TruMune is a leader in fermentation and postbiotic technology, creating unique immune support. It has been tested and validated in controlled scientific studies conducted at universities and an internationally recognized independent canine research center. This natural way to foster overall wellness delivers more healthy days to our four-legged friends.

Food for any lifestyle

Just like us, pets need nutritious meals to promote great well-being. Whether it’s keeping watch, following you through the fields, or snuggling up with you at the end of the day, you want the best for them and their needs. With TruMune®, you can unleash the superpowers of postbiotics in your pet food and keep them healthy from nose to tail. You can ensure your favorite family member is at their happy and healthy best by choosing the Nutrena pet food that’s right for them.