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How to Take a Photo of Your Horse’s Topline

before and after horse pictures

If you’ve ever tried to photograph your horse, you know it can be challenging at times! It takes a lot of patience, time and a little luck. But capturing photos of your horse, especially ‘before and after’ ones, can be very rewarding. It’s exciting to see the progress made from a new feeding regimen, new product or new routine. So to make the task a little easier, we’ve compiled some go-to tips:

  • Be safe! Plan plenty of time, patience and have a trusted helper.
  • Use the same plain colored backdrop for each photo (a plain colored door of a barn, garage door, etc).
  • Be sure your lighting is bright and consistent every time.
  • Be sure you are standing at the same distance every time.
  • Be sure that the horse is groomed, and standing square with their poll at the same height for both before and after pictures.
  • Try to minimize distractions, crop out the handler, like in the €˜after’ photo below.
  • Take a posterior photo to show muscle improvement
  • Square the horse up.
  • Stand on a stool to be sure you get the right angle.
  • Be safe, stand a safe distance behind the horse.
  • Keep your backdrop and lighting consistent.