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Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks And Thunderstorms

Man with dog on porch

Summertime brings much excitement to the family – sunshine, lazy days, and celebration. Your pet enjoys this season as well, but it can also be a scary time in the eyes of your dog, especially when it comes to loud occurrences like fireworks or thunderstorms.

Here are a few things to consider when keeping your pet safe during summer fireworks or weather.

  1. Create a safe place for your pet.

Often dogs that are fearful of thunderstorms or fireworks gravitate towards bathroom areas in showers or around toilets allowing dogs to have a safe place. Creating an enclosed place for them like their crate allows them to have a safe place.

  1. Ease the sound of fireworks or thunderstorms with a noise machine.

You can play white noise links from YouTube or a music station to help ease the sound.

  1. Treats can be a great way to divert attention during stressful times.

You want to pair the scary thing with treats to elevate the stress and help make dogs less scared of those noises in the future.