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Country Feeds

Premium Horse Oats

Country Feeds Premium Horse Oats are high quality oats. They are triple cleaned to minimize foreign dust and material.

  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Please visit your local Nutrena retailer for information on the product available in your area.

  • Feeding Instructions

    Feed by weight—not by volume.

    Weigh the feed in the container you will be using and subtract the weight of the container.

    Adjust feeding rate to maintain desired body condition, growth rate or production

    This grain product is intended to be fed as an energy source. It has no added vitamins or minerals

    Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.

    Horses should be cooled out properly, including rehydration, before feeding or providing free access to water

    Salt should be available free choice

    Appropriate minerals should be offered

Our Features

  • High quality whole oats

  • Triple cleaned whole oats to minimize foreign material and dust

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