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NatureWise See the Difference

A healthier, happier, more productive flock

The Nutrena® NatureWise® difference begins with the right mix of nutrients and natural* ingredients based on the latest industry research for poultry. Supports consistent egg production, stronger eggshells, and shinier feathers adding up to a difference you can see.

*As defined by AAFCO

A difference you can see

  • Supports maximum egg production

    The precise balance of nutrition in NatureWise feeds promotes maximum egg production for a difference you can see.

  • Better egg quality

    NatureWise is packed with beneficial nutrients to support the production of larger eggs, stronger shells, and vibrant yolks.

  • Happy, healthy and productive flock

    Flockshield® with essential oils boosts your flock’s immune system while supporting their gut health and nutrient absorption.

“I have never seen so many eggs.”

Pat, New York

“My girls went crazy over this feed.”

Jodie, Texas

“I have eggs coming out of my ears.”

Jackie, Minnesota

“My hen house is over-flowing!”

Alex, Washington
Basket full of eggs

Get $10 to try NatureWise

Count more eggs for less, and give your flock the good life. See the difference for yourself with our NatureWise trial program and get $10 off your first bag.

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Pick up a copy of the “Poultry Care Guide” and access the info you need to help you take care of your flock.

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