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Why Nutrena Feed for Topline Health?

woman and horse in pasture

Is some other feed company telling you they can fix your horse’s topline? Are you overwhelmed in the feed aisle with brands claiming to be “as good as” or a “me too” to ground breaking feeds like Nutrena® SafeChoice® or ProForce®? While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’d like to set the record straight on a few things about topline health. Though others may try to tell you they can impact your horses topline, they don’t have what we have – the right knowledge, the most effective ingredient and nutrient combinations, the best partners, and a unique perspective on making feed.

Nutrena® feeds are the best when it comes to topline. We know it. Our research proves it. We’d like you to experience it. How? Listen to your horse. Try our Topline Balance® endorsed products, feed to the correct amounts, and watch the change in your horse’s topline. Give us 90 days and we’ll give you an increase in topline score by 1 full grade.* Try to get that promise from some of the other guys!

We don’t play dress up. Tag dressing is a dirty game that some feed companies play all too often. Basically, it means putting a miniscule amount of an ingredient into the product simply so that it can be listed on the tag. Misleading? Yes. Irresponsible? Yes. Other companies may do this. We do not. We take pride in using the best quality nutrients and ingredients in the right ratios to supply the exact need of the horse specific to their work level. Other feed companies may claim to have amino acids in their feeds, but that alone is not good enough to impact your horse’s topline. When looking at topline nutrition, the quality, amount and ratio of amino acids are extremely important. But that’s not the only thing that matters. It’s the combination and design of the rest of the feed. It’s the quality of the components and the quality assurance done on the product. At Nutrena, this isn’t our first rodeo – we know how to measure, mix and combine the right ingredients to give your horse the very best topline possible.

We’ve paid our dues – Nutrena® feed has been around for nearly 100 years. In that time we’ve brought industry changing nutrition to the market – like pioneering controlled starch in horse feeds. How can we continue to bring consistent ground-breaking technology to the equine industry? We are part of a company that is a global leader in animal nutrition with research happening around the world. We are able to take that research from many scenarios and situations and create products that just flat out work for you and your animals. Our feeds are tested, tried, and proven to make a difference – especially when it comes to your horse’s topline.

The bottom line is simply this: when it comes to topline, Nutrena® feeds are leading the charge. We are providing the information you need to help you make your horse the best he or she can be. We are providing exceptional feeds that are honest, nutritious, and deliver precisely what they promise – results.

Nutrena® feeds are the best choice. They’re the right choice. They should be the only choice you consider for your horse. Find your horse’s right choice by clicking below for a personalized feed plan.