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How to Personalize Your Egg Deliveries

placing eggs in carton

Nearly everyone who keeps a small flock of backyard chickens occasionally has more eggs than the family can use. Boxes of eggs can quickly stack up in the refrigerator. It’s usually easy to locate coworkers, neighbors, and friends eager to buy eggs, but because a surplus is sporadic and not always predictable it is hard to develop steady sales. Many people simply give away extra eggs.

Any eggs heading for someone else’s kitchen, whether sold or given, provide an outstanding opportunity to educate consumers about chickens and eggs. Few people know much about chickens and often harbor misconceptions about them. Adding a small information sheet into each carton of eggs may spark curiosity and interest in the recipient.

Below is an example of a short information sheet. You can print this up, make some copies, and insert one on the top of the eggs before you close the carton for eggs you are giving away. Personalizing this is a fun way to get people to feel involved in your flock. You can share your chicken’s names, favorite treats, and funny antics. You could even include a picture of your flock! Every once in a while you can change the wording, but providing a sheet like this with information on breeds, why backyard eggs are so delicious, and where to learn more is a great way to share your enthusiasm for chickens!

Please enjoy these eggs laid by 12 hens living contently in the backyard of the (your name) home. They are very freshDifferent chicken breeds lay eggs of different colors. The brown ones in this box were laid by Buff Orpingtons or Rhode Island Reds. Pale blue or greenish eggs were laid by Easter Eggers, and white ones by Leghorns. All are equally nutritious and delicious. Our hens live in a spacious coop with a large outdoor run where they enjoy sunshine and fresh air.  They eat insects, grass, and table scraps, but rely on commercially produced feed as the mainstay of their diet. If you have questions about how we keep and raise our chickens or would like information on how you can do the same, or if you’d like to request another egg delivery, please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Enjoy your fresh eggs!

Putting information in each egg carton makes the owner of a small flock a chicken ambassador.