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Country Feeds

Grower/Finisher Pig Feed

Complete feed for growing and finishing pigs.

16.0% Crude Protein
7.0% Max Crude Fiber
3.0% Crude Fat
  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Nutrient Level
    Crude Protein, minimum 16.0%
    Lysine, minimum 0.85%
    Crude Fat, minimum 3.0%
    Crude Fiber, maximum 7.0%
    Calcium, minimum 0.6%
    Calcium, maximum 1.1%
    Phosphorus, minimum 0.5%
    Salt, minimum 0.25%
    Salt, maximum 0.75%
    Selenium, minimum 0.3 ppm
    Zinc, minimum 125 ppm

  • Feeding Instructions

    Feed from 100 lbs to finish.

    Refer to the tag on the bag for complete information and feeding directions.

Our Features

  • Balance is Key: The protein and amino acid profile in Country Feeds® Grower/Finisher Pig Feed is specifically designed to be optimum for pigs that are being raised for meat.

  • Grow Right: Added lysine helps promote growth and development of muscle, so pigs get the right type of growth.

  • Nutrient Dense: A growing pig needs a wide array of nutrients and a good deal of energy to perform well. Our Country Feeds Grower/Finisher Pig Feed is packed with the nutrition that pigs need, and delivers that nutrition with the amount of energy they require.

  • Meat and Bone Meal free

  • Complete feed, no additional supplements required

  • Pelleted form encourages consumption and helps to minimize waste

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