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Country Feeds

Mini Pig Feed

A convenient complete feed for mini pigs, that can be fed as the sole ration or with roughage.

16.0% Crude Protein
12.0% Max Crude Fiber
3.0% Crude Fat
  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Nutrient Level
    Crude Protein, minimum 16.0%
    Lysine, minimum 0.7%
    Crude Fat, minimum 3.0%
    Crude Fiber, maximum 12.0%
    Calcium, minimum 1.0%
    Calcium, maximum 1.5%
    Phosphorus, minimum 0.7%
    Salt, minimum 0.5%
    Salt, maximum 1.0%
    Selenium, minimum 0.3 ppm
    Zinc, minimum 150 ppm

  • Feeding Instructions

    Feed to mini pigs once they reach maturity at 7 to 10 months of age.

    Feed 2 to 2.5% of the pigs bodyweight each day in two separate feedings. If the pigs ribs can be felt through a slight layer of fat using gentle hand pressure the pigs is in ideal condition. If the ribs cannot be felt, the pig is too fat and the diet should be adjusted accordingly.

    For newly weaned pigs 4 to 8 weeks of age feed Country Feeds Starter-Grower Pig Feed.

    For growing pigs from 8 weeks to maturity, feed Country Feeds Grower-Finisher Pig Feed.

    Provide plenty of fresh clean water at all times.

Our Features

  • Recommended for all mini pigs at all life stages.

  • Includes balanced amino acids, protein, vitamins and minerals mini pigs need to thrive

  • Firm, highly palatable pellets help reduce dust and waste

  • No added antibiotics or hormones.

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