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Product Line
  • Supplement your horse’s nutrition for better health and performance. Learn more
  • Convenient, quality mineral supplementation from a brand you trust.
  • High fat horse feeds that help fuel active horses and hard keepers. With Rebound Technology™, Topline Balance®, Nutri-Bloom Advantage® and enhanced with antioxidants to help your horse go the distance every time. Learn more
  • The right blend of nutrients to meet the demanding needs of athletes.
  • With tastes to please even the pickiest palates, SafeChoice® formulas are designed for every horse in the barn and supports gut health, immune system, coats, topline and muscles – Now also with Digestive Shield™. Learn more
  • Get a great value while feeding a variety of horses and livestock.
  • The right choice for value you can count on. Learn more
Target Solution
Feed Form
Price Range
Feed Type
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    High Grain Formula

    12.0% Crude Protein
    8.0% Max Crude Fiber
    6.0% Crude Fat
    A racetrack-proven formulation in a more traditional sweet feed form
    Learn more
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    Beet Pulp Formula

    12.0% Crude Protein
    10.0% Max Crude Fiber
    8.0% Crude Fat
    The original beet pulp based performance horse feed
    Learn more