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Hi-Mag Mineral

Grass Tetany, the result of magnesium deficiency, is a danger for lactating cows grazing on pasture. Magnesium mineral deficiency is also an issue for cattle feeding on wheat, oats or ryegrass, and cattle feeding on pastures fertilized with high nitrogen levels. By supplementing the ration with NutreBeef® Hi-Mag Mineral, you ensure your cattle have everything they need for healthy growth, development and feed efficiency.

  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Please visit your local Nutrena retailer to see the guaranteed analysis of the product available in your area.

  • Feeding Instructions

    Allow one foot of mineral feeder space for every 100 cattle.

    Cattle will eat more consistently when mineral is kept fresh. Plan feeding so that fresh mineral is provided weekly.

    Use the location of the mineral feeder to help manage intake. To increase intake, position mineral feeder in areas where cattle gather, such as in watering or shady areas. To decrease intake, move mineral feeder away from areas where cattle gather.

Our Features

  • Contains vital nutrients that may be lacking in your cattle’s forage

  • Highly palatable to encourage consumption

  • Weatherized to help prevent loss due to wind and rain

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