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Salmonella Safety Tips

washing hands with soapy water at sink

We emphasize the importance of good sanitation practices in many parts of our every day lives. But what about good sanitation practices with your poultry? Specifically, keeping you and your family healthy and safe can depend quite a bit on how you interact with your poultry on a daily basis.

The risk
Salmonella is a disease that can be transferred from poultry to humans. Even birds that look healthy and clean can spread Salmonella germs to people; in addition these germs are shed in the feces and quickly contaminate any housing, equipment, etc. Salmonella can result in diarrheal illness in people that may range from mild to life threatening.

Wash your hands!
One of the main ways to help prevent the spread of this disease is to wash your hands. A phrase coined by the CDC can help you and your family stay healthy: “After you touch ducklings or chicks, wash your hands so you don’t get sick!”

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after interacting with livestock.
  • Supervise children to ensure proper hand washing techniques.
  • If water and soap aren’t immediately available, use hand sanitizer until you are able to wash your hands properly.

Handle with care!

  • Don’t let poultry in the house, especially in areas where food is prepared, served or stored.
  • Don’t kiss, nuzzle, or touch the birds to your mouth.
  • Don’t eat or drink around poultry.

You can access the CDC’s fact and tip sheet on Salmonella here and contact their listed resources for more information.