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Can Feed Form Improve Your Flocks Feeding Experience?

Dad and soon feeding flock of chickens

Good nutrition contributes to a healthier flock, exceptional eggs, vibrant plumage, and happier birds. At Nutrena, we believe nutrition is key for your flock’s health. That’s why we’ve created NatureWise® Nourishing Poultry Feed with a new ration option: bits. Bits offer a better way to feed your flock to keep them healthy, happy, and productive.

NatureWise Nourishing’s bits offer a number of benefits to backyard poultry keepers.

  • Every serving offers the best-sized bit to make feeding easier and healthier for your feathered friends. In fact, NatureWise Nourishing Bits are available in three forms: mini bits for chicks, hardy bits for hens, and floating bits for ducks and geese.
  • The specialized cooking process uses a precise amount of heat and pressure to create the bits. This process increases the availability of the nutrients, so your birds can get the most out of all of the ingredients in this proprietary blend while reducing the risk of digestive upset.
  • Bits hardy form holds up better, which means less breakage and less waste in the way of small pieces—what we call fines—and dust at the bottom of the bag. This means more usable feed out of every bag.

Whether it’s nutrition, digestion, or less feed waste, each NatureWise Nourishing feed delivers benefits for your birds down to the last bit.

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