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Can the Way Poultry Feed is Made Enhance Nutrient Absorption?

Woman collecting eggs from coop

At Nutrena, what’s inside counts. And the way the feed is cooked counts, too. For over 100 years, Nutrena has been continually innovating feeds. Our feed formulations are grounded in the latest research and use trusted ingredients. We also add the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and amino acids for a difference you can see in your birds and their eggs. Our feeds are also enriched with vitamin D3 and essential oils for healthier hens and eggs, maximized egg production, superior eggshell strength, and noticeably vibrant egg yolks. Our NatureWise® Nourishing feeds continue this tradition of quality. And this innovative feed packs that scientifically proven nutrition into a new form: an easily digestible bit.

NatureWise Nourishing poultry feeds use a specialized cooking process that combines heat and pressure to break down the ingredients for more efficient digestion. The starches are converted into an easy-to-digest form, and the protein chains are reduced to individual amino acids for improved nutrient absorption.

Research on several species has shown that through this cooking process, high-starch grains are as much as 30% more available for use by the body than whole or cracked grains. Additionally, the cooked feed passes slowly through the digestive tract. This improves digestion for more efficient nutrient absorption The specialized cooking process forms a hardy bit that holds together, so less feed is wasted in the form of small pieces—what we call fines—and dust at the bottom of the bag.

Thanks to the special cooking process, the food is easier to digest, and its nutrients are more readily available. Your birds will benefit from improved nutrient absorption, which supports a healthy, happy and productive life.

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