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  • Cow and calf in pasture

    Classes of Cattle

    Calves. Heifers. Cows. Bulls. Steers. Each class of cattle has its own unique nutritional requirements....

  • Cattle in pasture with flies buzzing around

    Fly Control in Cattle Herds

    Fly control in cattle herds is a critical part of an integrated pest management system and reducing your overall production costs....

  • cattle in pasture

    Keeping Cattle Parasite Free

    Parasites have several negative effects on cattle health and productivity. They suppress appetite, negatively impact growth, damage gut lining and make cattle more susceptible to disease....

  • 2 calves drinking water

    Shelter & Care Basics for Cattle

    When preparing to house cattle, it is important to consider factors including feeding capabilities, handling facilities, shelter, and removal of stressful conditions....