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  • little girl and bunny

    Selecting the Right Pet Rabbit for You

    Few animals make a more delightful pet than a bunny. Domestic rabbits are clean, cuddly, inexpensive, and intelligent. Choose the right bunny and care for it well, and it will become a good friend and...

  • Brownish red bunny

    Feeding Rabbits

    One of the joys of keeping pet rabbits is bringing them a delicious treat and watching their enthusiastic dining. These adorable animals are strict vegetarians that can live solely on a diet of qualit...

  • 3 rabbits with food and water bowls

    Water for Rabbits

    Never leave a bunny without water. A heavy crockery type pet bowl works well and resists tipping over, but pet stores sell special water bottles that attach outside the hutch....

  • Rabbit hutch

    Housing and Bedding for Rabbits

    Although handy people can still make their rabbit a home, plenty of commercially made hutches are on the market. They are inexpensive, durable, and easy to assemble....

  • boy-holding-rabbit

    Caring for Sick Rabbits

    When given quality food, clean water, and a comfortable and safe home rabbits are remarkably healthy. Although sickness is unusual, bunny owners should do everything possible to prevent illness....