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  • woman-dog-looking-mountain

    Traveling or Vacationing with Pets

    According to AAA and Best Western International, 50% of U.S. owners travel with their pet. With this in mind, here are some safety tips to make travel with your pet safe and enjoyable....

  • Little girl and yellow labrador retriever sitting by lake or river

    River And Lake Safety

    Visiting the river or lake can be an enjoyable way to spend the day, there are some safety measures that should be followed....

  • Man and woman jogging with dog on leash

    Running with Your Dog

    As spring arrives many of us get the urge to start or restart running again.  Like us, dogs also need daily exercise to maintain good fitness and mental health....

  • woman-kissing-dog

    The Top 5 Benefits Of Having A Pet

    While we often think we're helping cats or dogs by taking them home, in many ways, they're helping us, and science proves it too!...

  • corgi dog sitting by a Christmas tree

    Holiday Pet Safety

    With holiday parties, trees, tinsel, candles and presents, our pets are at a greater risk to get into trouble. Here are a few holiday safety tips to keep them safe....

  • people on bicycles with dog running with them

    Biking With Your Dog

    We all love to walk with our dogs. It is a great way to get exercise and to bond with your pet. However, some of us live in places where dogs cannot always get the exercise they need due to city livin...