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What Makes a Poultry Feed a Good Value?

Man checking chicken feeder in coop.

What does good value in a feed mean to you? Is it a fair price? Quality ingredients? Less waste? NatureWise Nourishing was formulated with these things in mind. Our customers mentioned seeing a lot of dust and small pieces—what we call fines—at the bottom of feed bags. And, just for you, we developed NatureWise Nourishing, a new feed with a specialized cooking process that minimizes fines and also offers better nutrient absorption. It’s an all-around win—and an exceptional value—for you and your birds.

NatureWise Nourishing is made with a process similar to that used to make pet foods. It allows us to make poultry feeds in pieces called bits, with fewer fines in the bag compared to crumbles or pellets. The bits hold up better during transportation and feeding. Because the bits don’t break up, you get more usable feed and less waste in every bag. In addition, the size of the chick mini bit and layer hardy bit are similar to that of a crumble, so you get all the advantages of a crumble without all of the messy fines in the bottom of the bag. For ducks and geese, we have floating bits, so birds can eat like they do in their natural habitat.

The bits also are more digestible. The specialized cooking process uses a combination of heat and physical pressure to break down the starch in the feed, making it easier to digest. This means that your birds will either gain weight or eat less, depending on their needs. In fact, studies have shown that feeds using this specialized cooking process are as much as 30% more available than whole or cracked grains.  As a result, your birds absorb more nutrition and have a reduced risk of digestive upset. Fewer fines, better absorption, and preservation of nutritional quality add up to make NatureWise Nourishing an exceptional value for you and your birds.

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